Outdoor Fly Control Brisbane


As anyone who has tried to enjoy a day outside in our beautiful surroundings, flies can be a serious nuisance.  Unfortunately, they can also be a dangerous health risk, for both humans and animals, and it can be the case that having a few flies buzzing around can be the sign of a larger infestation around a property.


Luckily flies can be easy to spot and identify, however finding their main breeding spots can be more difficult.  At the first sign of flies, you should:

Check your property for large numbers of flies buzzing around, especially around rubbish and compost bins, any standing pools of water or waterlogged waste including guttering, pot plant containers, and tires. Breeding spots may have signs of maggots and pupae.

Look for small dark dots that may indicate fly detritus inside the property. These clusters may appear at the top of walls and near light fittings, as well as in hard to get at areas such as next to drains and sinks.

Killing a few flies with insect spray might get rid of the problem on a short-term basis, but it will do nothing to stop the breeding cycle and prevent a full-scale infestation of flies at your property.  Proper identification of the flies and appropriate treatment is important to ensure that one or two flies hovering, won’t turn into a health issue.

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