Ant Pest Control Brisbane: Get the Topnotch Quality Services

Ant Pest Control in Brisbane and Gold CoastAnts are found in any place. They can enter your house through holes, wall cracks, and sewage too. There are different types of ants such as white ants, black ants, red ants, and green-headed ants. When you have ants in your office, home or lawn, it becomes very difficult to do the work. Ants especially the red ones bite the humans and can be dangerous in any room of the house. Getting professional ant pest control services can be beneficial for your homes and lawns.

We specialize in the services of ant pest control for many years. Our professionals provide various ant control treatments which we will discuss further in detail:

1. Ant treatment in the homes

You may not know but there is certainly ant bait inside your house. Baits make the entry easier for the ants. They are created by the queen slowly. Our professional team uses insecticide powders and sprays which kill the queen and remove the ant colonies completely. Our treatments of ant pest control Brisbane stop the ants from entering your homes.

2. Ant control treatments in buildings

Ants can also accumulate in any corner of your buildings. Once they start to multiply, they can easily enter your house in search of food and water. Our pest control services for ants include outdoor ant control treatments too. We use special non-repellant sprays to kills the ants. Apart from that, these sprays can also kill other ants that come in touch with that surface.

3. Pest control for green-headed ants

Lawns and gardens are also attractive to the ants especially the green-headed ones. They can build their colonies and nests in any part of the lawn. We provide the best ant pest control services to remove green headed ones by the way of granular bait. Within some weeks, your lawns and gardens will be free from green headed and black ants.

4. Funnel ant treatments

Funnel ants are uncommon and found only in some places. They are present underground where they build their nests and colonies. Our services of pest control ants are effective in removing the funnel ants too. We spread the powerful insecticides on the soil which kill the colonies and prevent the new ants too.

Benefits of Booking Our Ant Pest Control Services Brisbane

    • We provide ant-free homes and lawns within a few weeks.
    • Our team gives a warranty of 6 months.
    • We use safe black ant pest control techniques to save the environment and reduce health hazards as well.
    • Our skilled pest control team will be present at your homes as per your timings.
    • Apart from the services of pest control for ants, we also provide pest control treatments for rats, termites and other rodents.

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